C&C Fund

Investment Objectives

DZC capital seeks to deliver capital appreciation and generate positive alpha. We always seek to outperform various benchmarks and indexes as well as creating a platform to hedge against depreciation of the U.S. dollar relative to other currencies.

Principal Strategies of the C&C Fund

The approach for this fund is purely short to medium term technical using mathematical and statistical models. DZC Capital uses its proprietary trading model that adopts a “top-down” macro-economic analysis. The “top-down” approach generally considers macro-economic factors to formulate the strategic backdrop for security selection. These factors may include, without limitation, interest rates, inflation, monetary policy, fiscal policy, trade policy, currency movements, demographic trends, the regulatory environment, and the global competitive landscape. We also examine other factors that may include, without limitation, the most attractive global investment opportunities, sector and industry trends, industry consolidation, and the sustainability of financial trends.

In Summary,

This is broken down into 3 main strategies;

  • Early Bird Model – we seek to catch the early beginning of trends with this model
  • Directional Flow Model – we seek to catch large trends after they are clearly established with this model
  • Bulls Eye Model – we look to maximize our entries into trades by picking exact turning points or trends reversal zones

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Overall Objective

Deliver capital appreciation and generate positive alpha