How do you invest in the international markets?

We gain access to the global financial markets via our internationally well-regulated broker partners.

What is the return on investment like?

You can get as high as 5% monthly returns on invested capital.

What is the minimum invest-able capital?

For the fixed return package, the minimum investable capital is N180,000(equivalent of $500) and N1,800,000 (equivalent of $5000) for managed accounts

What is a managed account module?

Under this arrangement, a client with a capital base of $5,000 and above can request a segregated account under which funds will be traded. Here, a profit and loss sharing model will be applied.

How do I get started?

Visit our website and download the application form. Or contact us via email or any of the phone numbers below. You can also visit our office for further information.

How safe is my investment?

Your investment is very safe as we adopt advanced automated risk management strategies as well as manual checks and balances to ensure safety of funds.

What are the risks?

Just as with every business endeavor, we cannot deny the existence of risk in the market. Businesses known to have huge “return on investment” potential also come with higher risk profiles. The financial market is no different. It can be highly risky if not well managed. However, thanks to over 10 years of combined financial markets experience of the team, we have been able to develop models to help balance risk to reward. We keep risk in check by customizing our exposure levels to the client’s tolerance. We also maintain a strong risk management and compliance department.

How does this compare to bank Fixed deposits or Central bank Treasury bills?

Banks give fixed deposit returns ranging from 8% – 15% annually. Under our investment package, you get as high as 60% annual return on investment

How do I contact you for more information?

Please view our contact page