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We help you, Invest: Smart, Safe, Savvy…

DZC Capital LLC is a Boutique Investment Firm registered in the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. With a combined team experience spanning over a decade, we adopt a “Global Macro Investment Model”, focused on trading various asset classes across the globe, majorly: Stocks, G10 Currencies and Commodities.

At the nexus of economics, behavioural finance, data and technology, DZC Capital’s evolution over many years has been a continuous exploration of what drives markets and how it can applied to client portfolios. Our culture of intellectual curiosity compels us to challenge the status quo, disrupt long-held beliefs and uncover new insights. We are focused on understanding how global economy and financial markets works, and translating that understanding into great portfolios and strategic partnerships with institutional clients.

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Overall Objective

Deliver capital appreciation and generate positive alpha